The Ever-Expanding Wide World O' Tim

(or "An immersive experience in Tim's point of view.")

Well, enough of refering to myself in the third person. Let's get immersed.

The large chunk of text that used to reside here, promising the world that it was just temporary, was becoming more and more painfully untrue... So I had it removed (textectomy). Now there may not be as much content here, but that can't really be helped (I don't hear you volunteering to help, do I?).

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to put on here and, more importantly, how to organise it. After much agonizing thought, by which I mean that I forgot about it repeatedly, I decided to just look at my bookmark list and slap stuff from there onto here in four basic categories.

Some people I know
Globe Stuff that might be considered educational if you look at it right, but that is cool nonetheless
Compass The Big One: Orienteering

That's quite enough of that.

Timothy Edmunds