All the world's a stage...

Mozart's Ghost

These are just a few of the people that I have met and can still remember the names of, along with brief descriptions - very brief considering the complexity of your average human personality (not to imply that any of the following are in any way average). In the making of this list, I gave preference to people who
a) have Web pages better than mine
b) happened to be sitting next to me at the time.
If you would like to be added to this list, e-mail me. If you don't want to be added to the list... I don't blame you.

I started to update this page, but after I changed or removed a few links, I realized that so much has changed that I would have to write entirely new content if I were to try to maintain a "reality oriented fact base" (I made that one up myself). So imagine that this is some sort of artistic statement about timelessness (or something). Kudos to Warren and Kat for still having the same web-page addresses as when they were first added.

Tim's mug Tim (The Other Tim) Oxenford
I've known Tim since Mrs. Kachman naïvely moved me to the back of the room in Biology 10 (sorry... "Science 10"). What can I say... Tim has been corrupting me ever since.
A piece of pi Warren (The Guy Who Wants to Memorize Pi to 100 Places) Code
I met Warren in residence here at UBC. He doesn't live in my building, but he might as well (everyone wants to). He's been corrupting me ever since.
Schwa! Grant (Knows Much More About Computers Than Me) Hollingworth
Grant knows much more about computers than me, even though we're in the same Comp. Sci. class, and he's been using his vast knowledge to corrupt me.
Kat's Eye Kat (California Girl) MOS
I've known Kat since grade 10. Anyone who knows her doesn't need to be told how much she has been corrupting me.
Molly Nicki (Didn't just send me a guilt-inducing message - came round here and did it in person) Fung
Nicki is in Engineering Physics, in which capacity she spends a lot of time in Okanagan House (corrupting me).
Leggo my head! Mike (I Hope He Doesn't Kill Me In My Sleep) Urbanski
Mike is my room-mate. As far as corrupting me goes, lets just say that I never used to play with whacking sticks.

Well, since I accidentally erased my Bookmarks, those are the only people currently in it, so remember to apply for listing, or just send me nasty guilt-inducing messages.