Until I get the time to actually throw some structure into this page, it's mostly going to consist of links to various orienteering-related pages. Ready?

A very important link on any Orienteering page is the one to Rick Slater's Orienteering and Rogaining Homepage. This is a remarkably complete page including a description of orienteering which I have not attempted here. I encourage you to visit it.

Here are some links to various orienteering organizations:


The International Orienteering Federation based in Finland with over 47 Member Nations & States (48 to be exact).

IOF logo

The Canadian Orienteering Federation out of Orleans Ontario, with at least 8 Member Provinces and Territories (I'm not sure about P.E.I.).

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The Orienteering Association of BC which currently has 2 Member Clubs with homepages.

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Here I would like you to notice the complete lack of linkage to an Alberta Orienteering Association homepage. Yes, I'm disappointed too.


The Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club in Calgary, Alberta.

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The Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (I don't think that needs any explanation).

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My stop-gap EOOC Page has at long last been replaced by a much superior official Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club page.

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OCAD (Orienteering Computer Aided Drafting) is a program used to make orienteering maps. As far as I know, it's the only widely available software of its kind.
The newest version is OCAD 7 for Windows 95 (32-bit); I have not yet had a chance to really use this version, but it looks exciting.
If you only buy one computer aided drafting program for mapping this year, OCAD 7 should be it.