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Notable HD Releases

Film Technology

  • High frame rate (48Hz+) enters the movie mainstream with The Hobbit (2012), hopefully putting an end to juddery 24Hz vomit vision.


Written and read in 2012:

Read in 2012:

Theatre / Other

  • Venus In Fur on Broadway. Wickedly sharp, funny, and erotic. Nina Arianda won 2012 Best Actress at the Tony Awards for her performance.


Live Music

Music Videos




  • 13" MacBook Pro with "Retina" Display. Finally some high DPI love in a compact laptop! Also of note is the belated acceptance of USB 3, bringing cheap accessories with reasonable performance to Mac Land.
  • T+A DAC8 High end DAC performance at mid-range prices. Computer audio (USB inputs in addition to SP-DIF/AES) DACs are finally coming into their own in ~2012.


  • 1Password - Why did it take me so long to start using this?
  • Fusion Drive - Because spinning drives are slow and SSDs are small and expensive. I'm classifying this as software instead of hardware because the cool business is in the logical volume special sauce that makes the 2 discrete drives work together.
  • Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • Pixelmator 2.0 (late 2011, close enough) introduced content-aware fill and other fancy features
  • Tower is a pretty good Git GUI for OS X, although it's pretty slow with big repos
  • Waze crowd-sourced commute traffic data is just what I need now that I drive a million miles to and from work every day
  • Windows 8 Microsoft steps out on a limb and makes some significant changes to their desktop OS. Including in this Best Of list for their risk taking (compared to the OS X 10.7 -> 10.8 evolution) rather than any specific feature of the new OS.

Food & Drink

Breakfast Spots

  • Duck Egg Café, Brixton - For an extra £1 get your English Breakfast with extra cholesterol duck eggs.
  • Harry's Cafe, Sacramento - Get the House Special in the Asian section - eggs, ground beef, cabbage, bacon, and maybe sprouts on a bed of rice. Epic.

Lunch Spots

Dinner Spots

  • Les Brassins, Brussels - Go for the Boeuf Simple Face (steak seared one side only, the other smeared with a mustard/onion/parsley concoction). Obviously served with frites.
  • Magpie Cafe, Sacramento - Easily the best, freshest restaurant I found all year and it's two blocks from my apartment.

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