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Written and read in 2010:

Read in 2010:

Theatre / Other





  • Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here?
  • Four Tet - There Is Love In You
  • Jon Hopkins - Insides
  • Lorn - Nothing Else
  • Mimosa - Silver Lining
  • Surfer Blood - Astrocoast





  • Jamie Lidell
  • Mayer Hawthorne
  • Moogfest, esp. the Lorn set




  • Apple MacBook Air (2010) Not as revolutionary (over an MBP with SSD) as the Jobsian RDF would have you believe, but the smaller size is well worth it.
  • HTC Aria Goes with Yelp and turn by turn navigation to make an impressive travel aid.
  • iPad
  • iPhone 4 with fancy Retina Display, 2 cameras, and controversial antenna design
  • Kindle 3 with smaller size, better battery life, comparably decent display, usably fast display refresh, and only lacking epub support
  • Samsung EX1/TL500 with fast f1.8 lens, RAW support, articulating AMOLED display, excellent Lightroom support, and pocketable size




  • Cyclemeter (iOS) Pretty sweet activity tracking tool for only $5.
  • Navigation (Android) Killer mobile app.
  • MyTracks (Android) Killer mobile app.
  • Yelp (Android)

Yelp and Google turn-by-turn Navigation combined are _the_ killer mobile app. Find a restaurant/event, click the directions button, and have the GPS take you there. Although the directions are still sometimes a little funky, this feature combination has revolutionized my opinion of "smart" phones and has changed the way I travel.

That's assuming you're OK with Yelp's business practices of course.

Just as OK with Yelp as with the new Borg (Google) owning all of my data. If Facebook was this useful, I'd be on there as well =)

Cloud Services

  • Airbnb low overhead short term rental accommodation
  • Couchsurfing lower overhead short term accommodation
  • Google ebookstore on launch day had a book I couldn't find anywhere else, and I only had to remove a little bit of annoying Adobe DRM to get it to work on the device of my choosing
  • Google Voice somehow didn't make it into the list back in 2006 when it was GrandCentral. Being able to send and receive SMS from a computer or phone is _fantastic_, as are voicemail transcriptions. Integration with Android is key.
  • Netflix comes to Canada - streaming only (no discs by mail) and with less selection compared to US, thanks to licensing restrictions
  • Pandora still not in Canada, but the iOS app is fantastic for listening on the go, plugging into your car, etc.
  • DropBox Perhaps yesterday's news.

Internet Memes

Light reading

Food & Drink

Lunch Spots

  • Salsa & Agave opened a second location, a few doors down from the first
  • RIP Save On Meats

Dinner Spots

See also

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