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I'll keep a couple of pictures here, but for the bulk of them, Tudor's Gallery is the place to go. Nonetheless, here is the Royal Sampler:

Such a cutie

My beautiful niece Paige Elizabeth Dahl, one month old, cheering on her favourite hockey team.

Great Glove Save

Me in net at the outdoor rink at Manning in January 2002. This was the most fun I ever had wearing that toque. Good times...

What can I say?

Ryan being himself at my end-of-basement party in August 2003.

Where's the piano wire?

Tudor sneaking up to kill Jay.

Me and you, and you and me

Andrea and I relaxing at my parents' place in the summer of 'ought-four.


Well, that's about all the webspace I have to show pictures - Tudor has been kind enough to give me my own folder in his gallery, though his photos are of a much higher quality than mine, they are available here: Eric's Photos. So cruise, peruse, and be amused.