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[ [Whose site is this?]
A valid question, I suppose. I was born Eric Andrew William Heath and still am.

[ [Now that I know your name, who actually are you?]
Well, I was born on 27 February 1981 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, which makes me roughly twenty four years old and Canadian. Most of my life was spent in Abbotsford - evidently a large part of my infancy was spent in a box; I attended elementary and high school there, graduating in 1998 from Abbotsford Senior Secondary. Much of my youth was spent playing sports, watching television, and hanging aroung with friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I was in the Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association from 1987 to 1999, in which I was a goaltender from 1990 on. I used to talk a fair bit about my high school years and my adventures in the International Baccalaureate Program, and they're occasioanlly good for the odd hearkening-back-to, but I'm pretty far removed from them now. Though still living in Abbotsford, I attended Simon Fraser University from 1998 until 2003. In 2000, I realized that I had inadvertently met the requirements for the Ceritficate of Liberal Arts program, so I applied for it. Not expecting anything from this diploma, I quickly found out that it was quite useful if one's career goals largely involve receiving fortnightly calls from SFU's Alumni Association. In 2003, I somewhat more purposefully graduated from SFU with a B.A. in History (plus, I went through the Honours program, so when I write up my curriculum vitae (italics because Latin looks cooler italicized), I can put down "B.A. (Hon.)". In my last semester at SFU, I had applications for graduate school pending at both the University of Alberta and the old alma mater. In the end, after much agonied waiting, I was accepted at both schools, thus setting off another month of decision-making. I chose SFU largely because of the weather on the West Coast (and after conferring with my good friend Jocelyn from the alumni association, of course). In August of 2003, I packed up and left Abbotsford, and headed west, young man. I now reside in the pretentiously named Buckingham Heights region of Burnaby - I quite enjoy the basement suite that I have - though it hasn't been redecorated since the mid 1970s, it gets the job done. In September 2003, I began studying towards my Master's Degree in History. As of then, my prospective thesis topic had to do with the history of the Highland Games in Western Canada -- it was a topic that I had looked at superficially while researching previous subjects, so I thought that it should have been fresh and new enough to keep me busy for the next two years.

As to this last point, I can say (now, in March 2005) that my thesis title has been refined to "'You Don't Have to be a Scotchman': Sport and the Evolution of The Vancouver Caledonian Games, 1893-1926". It is no longer prospective - I am almost entirely finished it, and have a defence scheduled for 15 April. It has kept me somewhat busy for the past two years, and its freshness and newness rival a recently-baked bagel.

[ [But that only covers until March 2005. Surely things have happened in your life since then! Tell me! Tell me!]
OK, fine, calm down! I did, in fact, defend my thesis successfully in April 2005, thereby earning more fun initials to tack on to the end of my name. About a week later, I went back to my old job for a month until something good came up. Sometimes one month means sixteen, though. In August 2005 I proposed to Andrea, and, since she accepted, we were married in June 2006. (If she had said no, I guess we would have been married in July. I don't know.) Then, in September, I was accepted into UBC Law, where I will spend three years become a man of more letters. Seriously. I can play mean Scrabble with the letters after my name.

[ [So, besides all that, what do you do?]
I still try to play hockey as often as possible - though law school is going to make that difficult. If I get the time (and somebody to play with), I try to get in a little bit of golf and tennis here and there, though I am unsure about how much spare time I will be afforded to play. But, if I can put a website together, I guess I can play the odd game of tennis or golf. And my game is definitely quite odd.

[ [After reading this, I still feel like contacting you somehow. Can I?]
I welcome all correspondence, even insane, yet attractive female stalkers. ESPECIALLY attractive female stalkers. If you are an attractive female stalker, email me at eaheath at gmail dot com. I am also infrequently on ICQ, under the (presumably) unique handle of "Suitable Youngster", and my UIN (fancy way of saying "ICQ number") is 15803604. (NOTE: The position of Eric's insane, yet attractive female stalker has been filled by Andrea since November 2003. As of August 2005, this has been classified as a permanent position, and there will be no future openings (confirmed 17 June 2006). We appreciate all those who applied, but you will not be contacted in the future.) I'm also on MSN Messenger at eric_heath@hotmail.com, but don't send me e-mail there, I don't check it. (Personally, I find it funny that I'm actually including contact info - I'm pretty sure the only people reading this are friends of mine.)